Status Update or What I did on my Summer Vacation


This happened.  I’m pretty happy to have put in some serious effort on writing and editing a project.  There is nothing like a good writing challenge with a lively bunch of cabin mates to inspire me.  My virtual cabin held a group of dedicated NaNoWriMo veterans.  There was plenty of friendly chatter and encouragement on the forum and most of the members reached their goals.  It was fun.

Harping: As I neared the end of my latest Camp NaNoWriMo session, it occurred to me that I had not touched my harp in days. Usually it rests on the floor beneath my desk, where I can grab it on a whim and play whatever comes to mind. Obsession with my word count had trumped practice.

Well, that wouldn’t do. I pulled it onto my lap and played “These Small Hours” by Rob Thomas, “Daniel” by Elton John, and “Harvest Home” an Irish tune. That cheered me immensely.

I’ve not made a video in ages and would like to record a rendition of the “Harvest Home” in September and set it to a slideshow of autumn photos.  It will require patience to navigate the learning curve of my video software. This is a project I hope to tackle after I get my print-on-demand released.

Writing: Yes, I’m planning to bring my virtual novel into actual print. I hope to be able to show people printed copies of “Hunt Club” by September. Unfortunately, I’ve been having entirely too much fun taking care of other stuff. Things like Facebook updates, blogs, setting up my Author Page on Amazon, and putting my house back in order.

The promotional efforts are somewhat excusable and the housework, well, it needed doing. I did get my win at NaNO Camp, and probably deserved a break. Still, I suspect a lot of my promotional ambition is rooted in avoidance behavior. Part of me dreads the technical struggle of painstakingly formatting my manuscript—AGAIN.

There is a second a manuscript in the works, a neolithic fantasy I hope to eventually release as my second novel. I would like to log some hours working on it, maybe as a reward for all the technical stuff I will be struggling through to get “Hunt Club” into print (Because the reward for work is more work 🙂 .

Entertainment: My last gig was in May. Since that time, there have been no calls for me to don the motley, twist balloons, or paint faces. I’m beginning to feel unwanted. The truth of the matter is I don’t promote myself enough. Silly of me. If promoting my novel is a great opportunity to avoid getting on to the real work, promoting my entertainment skills should have a similar appeal.

Reading: “When Destiny Calls” by Diane M. Neal for the second time. It’s one of those books worth a second read through.

Miscellany: Feeling at loose ends following the conclusion of Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided to try out a different kind of writing challenge. Greetings and salutations to my fellow participants in A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Goals this week.

14 hours (cause I missed seven last week) of formatting and preparation on Hunt Club.

1 book review

Log hours spent on book promotion and match them with equal amounts of time writing and editing my next novel.
Blog/check in Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Status Update or What I did on my Summer Vacation

  1. You’re talking about a small Irish harp, yeah? I love harp music.It’s my go-to chill background music, along with acoustic guitar. I was briefly interested in learning to play, but I was intimidated by the tuning process.

    Congratulations on winning Camp Nano! How awesome that you put so many words down. 🙂

    Promo is such a Thing, isn’t it? You don’t want to sound like you’re bragging, but you do want people to know you do good work and they should buy your stuff/services. Face painting and balloon animals sounds like a fun way to make a buck or two.

  2. Sounds like a busy summer, but one filled with a lot of words and creativity. There are far worse ways to spend one’s time.

    I hear you on the “not practicing because the writing claimed all” though… that’s how I drifted away from art, photography… guitar… Balance can be a hard thing to come by these days. Maybe that’s why it’s so much more important for us to reach for it. Kudos to you for bending down and picking up that instrument

  3. First, congrats on completing yet another Nanowrimo! I’ve been thinking about my 3 nano manuscripts, sitting in their file drawer, waiting for me to do something with them. I was also thinking about whether I’d have time this Nov to add another one to the file drawer, to gather dust with it’s siblings, LOL. I never lack for new ideas to write about, and whipping up 50,000 words hasn’t turned out to be as daunting as I thought it would be, but finding/creating the time to tweak those ideas & words into actual novels that are presentable has been another thing entirely. And of course, the shifting sands of how my time & attentions are spent is the opposite of yours, with the majority of attention spent with my harp, and the neglect falling to my writing. Anyway, I totally admire the work do, and as soon as I get done with The Wheel of Time (currently in book 8), I’ll be reading Hunt Club!!
    Thanks for inspiring me as you do!

    And Speaking of gigs, this has been an unusually empty summer for me, but I’m enjoying not having as much on my plate, because I know that I will get busy again soon enough, with multiple projects to work on, and I’m sure the same will hold true for you. Meanwhile, I’m working on my own things, although to be honest, I’ve been spending more time reading and sipping tea than I have actually working on anything.

    “The Wheel weaves as the Wheel Wills.”

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