Invaders and Assistants

march 2015 022

Greetings to all you campers as well as those with a bit more common sense. I’m at 30,000 words, half way to my goal for the month. Yeah . . . That would be great if it was only the fifteenth. Sadly, it’s the 18th and I’m running about 6,000 words behind. Ah well, I do like a little excitement in my life.

Yes, the virtual campout continues, and the camp activity this week appears to be extermination. The April rains have driven the ants indoors and I’m afraid they like it here. So much that they are beginning to make pests of themselves.

Now I am talking about little bitty Ozark sugar ants, not fire ants, barbarian ants, or cow killers. Not the deceptively evil Texas ants, which look like harmless little sugar ants but if allowed to walk across your bare foot will proceed to rip out a nice chunk of your flesh to take home. No, these ones really aren’t a hazard at all. They’re just not supposed to be in the house.

My attitude towards them is usually pretty friendly and tolerant, with a touch of empathy. Cute little harmless things just trying to make their living like any other creature.  Last year, they invaded my windowsills very briefly, then lost interest and went outside as soon as the Spring rains passed.  This year, they started making themselves at home–in my home.

I became murderously irate with them when they set up a superhighway through my house and invaded my countertops.  A bit of research on the internet revealed a recipe for their doom. I mixed one cup of sugar, ½ cup of water and one tablespoon of borax in a small jar and placed little milk jug caps of the mixture in sheltered (so the cat couldn’t get to it) spots around the house where the ant trails were running.

Well, the ants loved it. They gathered around those tiny feed troughs in droves. Then the ant super highway dwindled to a residential street and is now looking like a little dirt road out in the country. I’ll have to take some measures over the weekend to deal with a few stragglers, but it shouldn’t take much at this point to enforce a detour away from my dwelling.  It looks like the worst is over.

Now to catch up on my writing goals. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. This thirty day writing marathon is about to get real.  Fortunately, I’ve acquired a minion to assist me.  I couldn’t resist hiring the little fellow–He plays the ukelele like me.  Every evil genius needs a minion, and having just committed an act of mass genocide on upon an unwitting insect population, I like to think that qualifies me.   🙂


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