Good Morning, Campers.


It’s the first of April and the beginning of my own personal idea of Spring Break. Since I’m self employed, as it were, and a glutton for punishment, this vacation does not involve relaxing in front of the television or laying on a hammock in the sun. Nope, I’m going to virtual summer camp, where I’ll attempt to double my writing production while participating in virtual swimming, virtual canoeing, and virtual arts and crafts.

Yeah, I’m virtually out of my mind.

Seriously though, today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo, a more free form challenge for those who couldn’t get enough during National Novel Writing Month in November. There are two sessions, one in April and a second in July, and participants are encouraged to set their own writing challenges rather than feel stuck with the madcap frenzy of scribbling a fifty thousand word first draft. It’s a good time for editing those rough drafts or for working on writing projects that don’t fit the standard novel format. I’ll likely be attempting to get my first e-novel out.

One could argue the virtual part of this is a bit silly. Since November, I have done pretty well at maintaining a continuous writing habit. Still, there is a lot to be said for stretching one’s boundaries. I’m on unfamiliar territory and a little camaraderie and friendly peer pressure helps me find the courage to keep exploring.

The addition of it being an opportunity to join hundreds of people on the forums in a big game of pretend summer camp only seals the deal. It may well be the main reason I’m doing this.


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