Status Updates


What am I harping?
Irish tunes, of course!

What am I Writing?

A novel, or rather, the cover of one.
“Hunt Club” was in the final editing stage when it occurred to me that I had no cover art. Since I’m planning to publish it this summer, this is a matter that calls for some effort. Art draws attention to books and a good picture can sell a thousand copies.
I have seen plenty of self published books with lame covers. Five minutes of experimenting with an art program and a photo yielded a template that looked just like 90% of the other indie books out there. Trouble is, I don’t want my book to have such a standardized format. I want it to be engaging, to look like something worth buying rather than the pet project of a wannabe.
Ideally, I would pony up a reasonable chunk of money for a talented semi professional artist or photographer to help complete this project. Lacking such resources, I am taking time to work on the project myself, hoping a few months of serious effort will pay off.

How is the Entertainment business going?
A little slower than last year. I seem to recall my phone ringing often this time last year. Unfortunately, there have only been three gigs scheduled for this month.
Happily, one is a citywide event outside my usual venue. I’ve never worked at an Easter egg hunt and am looking forward to the new experience. Some weeks ago, I saw a poster advertising the event, noted it said there would be face painters and balloon artists present, and wondered who they would be. Some days afterward the telephone rang and I was delighted to learn the answer was my own home alley, Arkee-Malarkee.
In preparation for this event, a number of local children’s entertainers gathered yesterday for a face painting jam. Everyone brought their paints and study materials and we shared knowledge and techniques. It was great fun. I made some new friends and am considering all kinds of new ways to improve my kit and raise my game.

What am I reading?
(Heavy sigh) “Raising Steam” by the now late Terry Pratchett. It’s a good book but I keep putting it down and avoiding it. When I finish, there won’t be another. He was one of about three authors I eagerly awaited books from and the thought that my collection of his works will be complete is terribly depressing.
He was an awesome writer and will be terribly missed by many people. It helps to know that I’m not the only one taking comfort in the idea of him being greeted on the other side by the reaper man of his own creation. Terry Pratchett brought laughter to people everywhere and that is as fine a legacy as anyone could hope to leave. Whatever comes next on the other side, I wish him well on his journey.


Of Harpers, Writers, and the Passage of Time…

Once upon a time, (April of 2007), I started a blog on Freewebs. You can still look it up if you want at the following link. .

I play the harp and I write, so the Harpwriter name was a good fit.  It didn’t hurt that my older sibling, a professional harpist and singer, was already using the handle Harpsinger. It made us sound related, which is OK since we are.

A Google search of my blog name some years ago revealed another Harpwriter. She was a successful science fiction writer who also played the harp. Surprised and a little jealous (I had nothing but reject slips for all my efforts), imagining she was probably also a better harpist than me (I play a mere folk harp with more enthusiasm than skill), I feared she would one day learn about me, think I had stolen her name, and demand that my blog be shut down. Rather than let that happen ten years down the road, I decided to introduce myself.

It turned out to be a positive experience. She didn’t seem at all concerned about our similar names, and it was very inspiring to meet someone pursuing the same interests. Maybe some day, I’ll even get to meet her in person.

My own Harpwriter blog went on for about three years. At that point I attempted to change blog platforms, but lost patience with the technology and found plenty of other projects to distract me.

Enough with the past, though. I’m back, ready to give it another shot. Today, I Googled the name again and found it has become a very popular handle.

I am not so vain as to think the other users of this name stole the idea from me, any more than I did from the other Harpwriter.  More likely they have also scribbled stories, played harps, and had the excellent taste to come up with the same name we did. A group like that must have plenty of other things in common. It would probably be great fun to gather them all together for a combination writing workshop and harp jam session.

For now, though, I’m just happy to still be doing my own harping and writing, and incidentally, starting up this blog again.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.