Showcasing my music

So here I am in a new town, eager to get started.  I once played at Stompin Grounds Coffee Co and with the Stompin Hoolie of Cabot, but those have been left behind in my move from Cabot to Rogers AR.  What to do, what to do?

The first thing I did was look for an Irish music session to play with and happily located the Northwest Arkansas Celtic Society (check) in Fayetteville.  They are holding sessions on the first Saturday of the month at Jammin’ Java, a lovely coffeehouse right on the square.  I went there early in September and had a great time with a wonderful bunch of musicians.  Now I’m counting the days till our next get together.

That takes care of my social musical needs but I like to play solo too.  It’s easy to play along with a group, but doing it yourself requires real proficiency.  I have to practice hard and be able to offer finished pieces.   Playing solo once a month at Stompin’ Grounds in Cabot was a  growing experience particularly at the open mics, where I was not only playing but often singing as well.  This is something I would like to do again in the future.

I looked around Rogers for such opportunities and discovered they have an Art Walk the third Friday of each month throughout the summer.  After a few inquiries, I found myself on September 17th playing my harp in the display window of the Trolley Lane Bookshop.  It was great fun plucking and smiling at all the people passing by.  Many of them paused to watch, then came inside to listen and browse   It turned out to be a happy arrangement for all.

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end and the twilight art walks are over until next year.  I shall have to look for another place to play.  Happily, the Yuletide season is on the way and I have been asked to return to the bookstore.  There may be other opportunities during the holiday season, so I am practicing my Christmas music early to be ready for them.  In the meantime, I have recorded two music videos and am preparing  to make a third one soon.  That should keep me busy.

Here’s hoping the autumn season finds you happily productive as well.


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